How I received an instruction manual for my life via an astrology reading

I’m currently living in Ubud, Bali—indulging in some rest, healing, and unbridled exploration of what I want from my life. A bit of a hiatus from my “real life”, some might say. Mostly it’s looked like a whole lot of yoga and organic vegan food. Two of my favourite things.

The longer I stay in Ubud, the deeper my state of peace and ease has become. I feel increasingly more receptive to the guidance of the universe, and I’ve started to observe some divinely guided synchronicities playing out. One of these random, but perfect, events was the discovery of a business card for an Astrology and Tarot reader named Margarita Celeste. Her card stuck out to me on a pin board of a hundred other fliers vying for my attention.


I’ve been interested in astrology all my life, as reading my horoscope has often left me shocked due to how accurately it applies to my current situation. I haven’t been completely free of scepticism however, as I am a naturally discerning human being. Plus, I could usually make all 12 horoscopes fit some aspect of my life at the time.

Regardless, I trusted my intuition, which is slowly becoming more natural for me, and I emailed Margarita. I booked in to have my Natal (Birth) Chart reading done, as Margarita’s website explains that “this reading is the first stop for all those wishing to know their Birth Charts in detail”.

Excitement ensued.

The big day

Margarita and I met in an alluring restaurant in Ubud, called Shiva’s Cave. The interior decor and ambience of the restaurant felt perfect for our meeting. As I’ve never had an astrology reading done before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I felt very eager to get stuck in.

Margarita had prepared the entire reading beforehand from the information I had provided via email (date/time/place of birth). She kindly recorded the hour long session so that I wasn’t burdened by taking notes as she spoke.

She begun by explaining the roots of astrology and that there are many different kinds. The tradition she has studied to great depths is the oldest, traditional form of astrology used as far back as Ancient Babylon. Hearing this puts me at ease for some reason. I feel held by the stars and the ancient civilisations that centred their lives around them.

Margarita points out that the astrology most people are familiar with, such as daily horoscopes, is very limited because it only considers our sun sign—the sign most of us identify with. She explains that it’s imperative we examine our rising sign and moon sign, in conjunction with our sun sign, to get a clear picture of what’s going on.

She warns me that readings are usually very accurate, which I make a mental note of. Now reflecting back, I didn’t quite comprehend the degree of accuracy she really meant.

My reading (the good bit)

The reading takes off with information about my rising sign, Libra, and the configuration created with my sun sign, Capricorn. All I’m really hearing is an accurate description of my personality… “Indecisive, charming, gracious, relationship-oriented, withdrawn, conservative, serious, hard-working, responsible”. Uh huh, know all this.

Then she turns things up a notch…

“The configuration you have means that you tend to be hard on yourself and you put a lot of pressure on yourself, you shoulder the responsibilities of the whole world. A big lesson for you to learn in this life is that you can take on a lot of responsibility, as you have broad shoulders, but it ends up making you feel incredibly pressured and burdened.

This will be a big theme you need to work through, not to take on the responsibilities of the world. Even though you know you could do it all, it’s not your job. You know you’re the right person for the job, you can solve problems, and you can do it all, but it can be quite detrimental to you as you are extremely sensitive. People might not recognise this sensitivity at first, as what you put out to others is often not necessarily what’s going on inside.”

Alright, now she really had my attention. In fact, I had chills running down my spine.

What she had just described to me was the single most significant issue I was struggling with last year. I had not understood why I had this innate feeling of wanting to fix everything. Yet I was constantly swamped with a feeling of being burdened by the problems of the world, and felt helpless to do anything about it.

This insight was massive for me to hear, especially from I person I met five minutes earlier.

I’m not going to go through my entire reading as it was incredibly in depth and this nugget of gold was just the tip of the iceberg. Obviously a lot of it is rather personal as well. The primary areas covered by the reading were:

  • An in depth analysis of my personality and what makes me tick.
  • The career path that is going to bring me the most satisfaction and fulfilment.
  • The shadow aspects of my personality that I need to be aware of and consciously mitigate against.
  • The cycle that I’m currently in, when it began, and when it will end.
  • My relationship preferences and forecasts for my love life (including the sun sign I will find irresistible).
  • The largest obstacles and challenges I need to overcome in this life.
  • My subconscious abilities and how to cultivate these.
  • My strongest archetype and how this relates to my chosen career path.
  • When I’m going to go through my next big transformation.
  • The state of my finances.
  • My connection to the elements (earth, water, fire, air), which of these is strongest, and how to balance these energies within myself.
  • My greatest strengths and how I should utilise these for my own fulfilment.
  • What I might need assistance with over the next 12 months.
  • The state of my physical health and my relationship to it.

So as you can see, she covers an extraordinary amount of information in the allotted hour. I came away from the experience walking on cloud nine. I felt like I had deepened my connection to myself and had a totally new perspective on my life.

Most importantly, I had so many things validated about myself that have been mulling under the surface of my consciousness, but I had not yet expressed to anyone. I knew these things in the core of my being, but I had been struggling to accept them or come to terms with what they meant.

Struggles from my past now made so much sense, why I’m in Ubud on this spiritual journey fit in perfectly with the cycle I’m currently going through, and the future looked so bright it made me want to squeal with excitement.

My sense of peace tripled and I felt full to brim with enthusiasm for letting go of things that were holding me down and marching fearlessly towards my dreams.

The feeling has been lasting.

If you have an interest in astrology and could use a little guidance, I highly recommend getting in touch with Margarita. She is a beautiful soul and her interpretation of my charts was spot on. I cannot guarantee she will cover the same content in her reading for you. Naturally it will be tailored to your unique configuration.

Trust the stars.

Featured image courtesy of Free Will Astrology.

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