Planet Earth

My beautiful fellow earthlings.

This video breaks my heart. I feel compelled to write…

If you are still unaware that animal agriculture is the LEADING cause of environmental destruction on the planet today then please, please educate yourself. Not only are animal products UNNECESSARY for optimal health, they are the leading cause of disease in Western society, their production is destroying Mother Earth at unfathomable rates, and the animals involved suffer RELENTLESSLY.

All because we believe stories we’ve always been told about diet and nutrition, and we’re too resistant to create change in our life. At the rate we’re going, being vegan will be forced upon humanity in the not so distant future. The system can’t sustain this much meat and dairy production, and as more cultures adapt a Western diet, the strain is increasing exponentially.

If you have any love for Mother Earth, of which YOU are an integral part of, please find it in your heart to do a little research, become aware of the choices you are making and their impact. All of our lives depend on it. Change starts with the individual, and this small change if made by enough people has the power to change the future. Change our children’s future.


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