A short note on fear

Fear stems from the inability to listen to your own guidance. You HEAR what it’s saying, but you refuse to listen or act.

Every time you dismiss your inner whispers, longings, and desires you disempower yourself. And then you feel fear because your feelings of being out of alignment with yourself deepen. As you become more disempowered, you doubt yourself more. As you doubt yourself more, you diminish your ability to make a decision that’s in your higher self’s best interest.

I’m here to tell you that this cycle of disempowerment and doubt will only go deeper and deeper, until you find the courage within yourself to LISTEN to what your heart wants for you.

And the beautiful thing is, once you start listening and are brave enough to take action on what you hear…you stumble upon the path of least resistance. You’ve turned your boat around so you’re no longer struggling upstream, but are in the flow and glide effortlessly towards the life you were always meant to be living. This is what ‘following your bliss’ means.

Be brave and take the leap of faith. You will be held by forces grander than what our small human minds can comprehend. You’ll see.


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