Bliss Through Breath

I’m asking for your help dear ones.

I have radically changed my life in the span of about two years. The path wasn’t easy and I had to experiment with a lot of different things to make lasting change.

To sum it up briefly, I have beat the depression that lasted throughout my teens and early adult life, I have released my addiction to alcohol and partying, I have learned to love myself wholly and completely, and I have gained the confidence and self-assurance to live an authentic life in service of helping others to achieve this too.

On this journey back to love, conscious breathwork has been the number one transformational tool I’ve discovered and utilised. I tried many different methods, and breathwork has, without a doubt, been the most potent and the greatest catalyst for learning to love who I am to my core.

I moved to Ubud, Bali this year with not much more of a plan than to do a lot of yoga, eat a lot of fruit, read some inspirational books, and figure out what the next step for me looks like.

The powers that be led me back to breathwork, even though this was never part of the plan. Over the last two weeks I have participated in 16 breathwork workshops. For those of you who have experienced breathwork, you will appreciate that this is A LOT of breathwork to do within such a short period of time. The result has been profound.

I’ve released so much conditioned negativity and emotional baggage. I’ve had hundreds of insights about myself and my purpose here in on Earth. I’ve gone back to being three years old and embraced little Emily so she no longer feels scared and unheard. I communed with beings from higher realms who have provided me with so much support and unconditional love. Fear, doubt and self-limiting beliefs honestly feel like things of the past.

Breathwork is a miracle and a blessing, and I have seen that it is my destiny to pass it onto as many willing and ready people as I can.

If you have never done any conscious breathwork, you are in for a real treat. It’s not always an easy process, as it requires us to work through blocked emotions and energies resulting from past trauma. However, I assure you that what awaits on the other side of that trauma is the blissful freedom you seek. We must address our shadow, in order to emerge into the world as the brightest, shiniest version of ourself that exists underneath.

The breathwork training that I’m intending to complete is a particular method called Breath of Bliss™. Here is a brief description from the Breath of Bliss™ website:

Breath of Bliss™ is a breathwork practice that infuses you with aliveness, sensation, emotion and presence. This experience begins with movement, deep sharing, touch, and conscious loving exercises and deepens as we lie down for an hour of circular breathing. The journey is sensitively led with vocal guidance, empowering affirmations, music and sound healing. The result? Powerful, mind-altering experiences of heart-opening, connection and awareness!

Please read more about Breath of Bliss™ here.

As a Breath of Bliss™ facilitator, I plan to fuse this rich training platform with the other modalities that have helped me along my personal journey. These include life coaching tools, working with essential oils and aromatherapy, sound healing, conscious touch, movement, and of course breathwork.

The combination of all these elements will provide an entrancing stimulation to the senses, and will allow your body to enter a deep state of relaxation. From this altered place of consciousness your body is given full permission to release what is no longer serving it.

Our bodies hold deep, deep wisdom about who we are and what we’ve been through in life. Every time we went through a traumatic event, whether or not the trauma was large or small, our body was imprinted. You might have some awareness about your “triggers”—things that set you off and trigger a particular emotional reaction. These triggers stem from events that happened, in most cases, before the age of seven. It’s likely we don’t even recall the initial instance.

The magic of breathwork is it takes us out of “thinking mode” where we are stuck in our mind. Using a conscious and rhythmic breath, we shift our point of awareness to within the body. From this place of deep, embodied awareness we give our vessel the space it needs to start working through the emotional imprints we have accumulated.

Unless we address these triggers stored in our body, they will haunt us for the rest of our life. Any situation that feels somewhat related to the initial event will evoke the same reaction we may have had when we were three years old! This is not helpful, and in most cases is significantly impacting our effectiveness as functioning adults.

So I ask you, are you ready to look your past in the face and give yourself the love and care that was absent at that time? Are you ready to release baggage from past events and relationships that are holding you back in life still today? Do you want to feel more love for yourself and in effect those around you? Do you want more peace and joy in life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions and you are still reading, then I want to lead you through a Breath of Bliss™ journey. I want to show you how we achieve emotional freedom and inner peace when we are brave enough to let go. The breath is here to help us with the release.

Please help me to complete this training. Every donation is truly cherished, and shows your commitment to you and your growth. Join me on a path back to love. It feels amazing. You will see!

My crowdfunding campaign can be found HERE. The deadline is 29 April.

I thank and honour you for your continual support.


Featured image courtesy of Everyday Mindfulness.

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