The call for the wild woman…

I’ve just begun to tap into this network of humans, women in particular, who have taken full responsibility for their own life, have learned to love themselves wholly, and have big visions for the future.

These women are going to create the massive shift that is required to rebalance this world we are living in. We have lived under the shadow of the patriarchy for long enough and more and more women are hearing the calling.

The calling starts out as a feeling of confusion, a feeling of “not belonging”, a feeling of despair and isolation. This is the push we need to start digging a little deeper. We start asking questions. We start investigating why we should, or more importantly should not, follow the status quo.

We must first forgive our own misguided sins, then we must forgive the ignorance of those who have sinned against us, and finally we must forgive the world for keeping us suppressed and living in the shadow of our true potential. The masculine needed to dominate to advance us as a species. But we have gone too far.

Now is time for the feminine to rise in all her glory.

Our true nature as women is earth shaking. We are connected to Mother Earth directly through our root. Our capacity for emotion creates power beyond comprehension. We feel everything, so very deeply.

We are the creators of all life. We carry a womb that gives us direct access to our infinite nature and unlimited creative power. We see a better Earth and we are given the vision to get us there.

We have the fierceness of a mother bear protecting her cubs within us. Our love and loyalty is unbreakable. We will fight to death in the name of love. We have and will continue to sacrifice ourselves, but only in the name of that which we truly believe in.

The whole woman who is connected to her wild, raw nature is truly something to behold. And when she connects with other women bravely walking this new path of total acceptance of what is, but hell bent on creating a world based on love and opportunity for all…that’s some spine tingling shit.

Listen to the calling my sisters, we need your help.


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