Why culture and the status quo are killing us

Accepting the status quo as truth is one of the most dangerous mistakes we can make at this point in human history. Just because “the powers that be” appear to have authority and make decisions for us, it doesn’t mean that we can’t question these decisions and unpick the motivation behind them.

The system in play at large is broken and is severely hurting a large proportion of the Earth’s inhabitants, including the Earth herself. We don’t need a revolution and anarchy to demand a better way of life for ourselves and for all other beings. It starts with the micro decisions that we make every day…

  • Becoming more conscious of the food you eat and giving consideration to every person, process and impact that was involved to get this food to your plate.
  • The waste you create—not only food scraps and packaging but all the other things you buy and rarely use that won’t degrade easily including clothes and technology.
  • The work you do—is it really benefiting anyone significantly, is it making the most of the unique skills you brought to this world?
  • The sacred relationship you have with yourself—until we all find peace, love and forgiveness in our own hearts the hurts we feel will keep being passed onto others, war starts in the heart of the individual.
  • The relationship you have with others—a direct mirror of the relationship you have with yourself, hurt people hurt people.
  • How we raise our children—recognising that the traditional schooling system still implemented today is outdated and short-sighted, fails to account for the vast differences in children’s learning types, and in most cases grossly suppresses a child’s inherent gifts.

The more personal responsibility we take for these vital aspects of our lives, rather than blindly accepting the cultural norms, the more empowered we become as individuals, and as a collective.

Mother Earth is whispering to those courageous souls who are quiet enough to hear her call. She supports us to break free of the self-imposed prisons we live in of mediocrity and conforming. A new world so desperately wants to be birthed. The brave souls willing to step out of the spell of materialism, consumerism, and keeping up with the Jones’ are the ones that will do this work for Mother Gaia.

If you have always felt that life should be a little better than it’s turning out for you, listen to this sacred intuitive guidance. It’s certainly scary to be different, but it’s liberating. There are many others you will find walking this path too so don’t be afraid. The more that wake up, the more momentum this shift gains.

Life is more joyful, fun, fulfilling, uplifting, vital and exactly how it was always meant to be when you start living in harmony with yourself and the world you live in. But it requires the bravery to make your own rules.

As the late Terence McKenna so wisely advised…

Culture is not your friend.

Culture is for the convenience of culture. It insults you. It disempowers you. It uses and abuses you. None of us are well treated by culture.

Create your own roadshow. The nexus of space and time where you are now is the most immediate sector of your universe. And if you’re worrying about pop stars or celebrities then you are disempowered. You’re giving it all away to icons, icons which are maintained by an electronic media so that you dress like X or have lips like Y. This is shit-brained, this kind of thinking.

The culture is a perversion.

It fetishises objects, creates consumer mania, it preaches endless forms of false happiness. It invites people to diminish themselves and dehumanise themselves by behaving like machines—meme processors of memes passed down from Madison Avenue and Hollywood.

We care caged by our cultural programming. Culture is a mass hallucination, and when you step outside the mass hallucination you see it for what it is worth.

Draw. Sing. Interact. Involve. Enrich. Reclaim your mind.


Much love my fellow Earthlings.


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