Hello sweet earthling.

My name is Emily and I’m very glad you’re here. This is where you’ll find some of my ideas about a variety of things. I’m passionate about living life to its fullest and there’s nothing I love more than experimenting with anything I think will take my existence to the next level. I want to share my discoveries with you.

I think the most important thing we can work towards in life is a state of abounding joyfulness, wonderment, and ecstasy. When we were a child this was our natural, effortless state of being, but we got lost somewhere along the way. It’s our birthright to feel blissful in every moment, so why shouldn’t we strive for it?!

I look at my life in a very holistic sense. I know that to feel my best all aspects of my being — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual — need to be in alignment with my true essence. Therefore, what you’ll find on this website is my thoughts on a range of topics that relate to optimising your life in all of these areas.

Please note that I’m not a qualified physician, psychologist, or doctor of any kind. I’m just a woman following her heart and spreading words that are true for her. I hope you’ll find something useful.

Let’s grow together in health, wholeness, and vitality!

Much love special one,