Why culture and the status quo are killing us

Accepting the status quo as truth is one of the most dangerous mistakes we can make at this point in human history. Just because “the powers that be” appear to have authority and make decisions for us, it doesn’t mean that we can’t question these decisions and unpick the motivation behind them.

The system in play at large is broken and is severely hurting a large proportion of the Earth’s inhabitants, including the Earth herself. We don’t need a revolution and anarchy to demand a better way of life for ourselves and for all other beings. It starts with the micro decisions that we make every day…

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The call for the wild woman…

I’ve just begun to tap into this network of humans, women in particular, who have taken full responsibility for their own life, have learned to love themselves wholly, and have big visions for the future.

These women are going to create the massive shift that is required to rebalance this world we are living in. We have lived under the shadow of the patriarchy for long enough and more and more women are hearing the calling.

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Bliss Through Breath

I’m asking for your help dear ones.

I have radically changed my life in the span of about two years. The path wasn’t easy and I had to experiment with a lot of different things to make lasting change.

To sum it up briefly, I have beat the depression that lasted throughout my teens and early adult life, I have released my addiction to alcohol and partying, I have learned to love myself wholly and completely, and I have gained the confidence and self-assurance to live an authentic life in service of helping others to achieve this too.

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A short note on fear

Fear stems from the inability to listen to your own guidance. You HEAR what it’s saying, but you refuse to listen or act.

Every time you dismiss your inner whispers, longings, and desires you disempower yourself. And then you feel fear because your feelings of being out of alignment with yourself deepen. As you become more disempowered, you doubt yourself more. As you doubt yourself more, you diminish your ability to make a decision that’s in your higher self’s best interest.
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How I’ve come to consider being called “too much” a huge compliment

Someone said something to me recently, that made me feel like I’m “too much”—over the top, too intense. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt like this. In fact, I’ve felt similar judgements ever since I was little girl. I was too loud, too silly, too messy, too emotional, too energetic—the list of “toos” was endless. I want to write about this because I think it is a big, BIG problem in our society.

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Planet Earth

My beautiful fellow earthlings. This video breaks my heart. I feel compelled to write… If you are still unaware that animal agriculture is the LEADING cause of environmental destruction on the planet today then please, please educate yourself. Not only are animal products UNNECESSARY for optimal health, they are the leading cause of disease in […]

How I received an instruction manual for my life via an astrology reading

I’m currently living in Ubud, Bali—indulging in some rest, healing, and unbridled exploration of what I want from my life. A bit of a hiatus from my “real life”, some might say. Mostly it’s looked like a whole lot of yoga and organic vegan food. Two of my favourite things.

The longer I stay in Ubud, the deeper my state of peace and ease has become. I feel increasingly more receptive to the guidance of the universe, and I’ve started to observe some divinely guided synchronicities playing out. One of these random, but perfect, events was the discovery of a business card for an Astrology and Tarot reader named Margarita Celeste. Her card stuck out to me on a pin board of a hundred other fliers vying for my attention.

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My first 14 day juice fast

Juice cleansing.

You might’ve heard about it, you might know someone who’s experimented themselves. I have been reading about the benefits of juice cleansing for a long time. It immediately appealed to me because it brought to my attention how many built up toxins would be in my system from my former years of bad eating habits and partying. The more I read the more I realised that this stuff gets trapped inside of us and unless we intentionally cleanse it’s in there forever, wreaking havoc on our state of health.

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